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Parts and Gears to rebuild GM 4 Speeds

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4 Gear Trans Co

This page is dedicated to B/W T10 4 Speeds built from 1957 to 1965ish. We are probably the largest supplier of quality new replacement gears and shafts for the 1957 to 1965 Early design T10 4 Speeds. We have "in stock" or able to locate most new gears. For the 1957 to 1965 T10's we have a large inventory of NEW 36 Tooth First Gears, 30 and 32 Tooth Second Gears and 29 Tooth Bushed and Non-Bushed Third Gears; NEW 10 Spline 27 Tooth Close Ratio Input Gears and matching Close Ratio Cluster Gears and New 16 and 27 Spline Main Shafts for the Bushed and Non-Bushed 3rd Gears.  Also both the large Reverse Gear and the matching Rear Reverse Idler Gears.   If you are having a problem finding a gear or shaft, email us and we will do our best to assist you.

Email us at fourgeartrans@aol.com for availability, prices or answers to your questions.

BORG WARNER T10 4 SPEED REBUILD KITS: Quality parts from our inventory are assembled into kits for rebuilding T10 4 Speeds from 1957 to 1983. Please contact us for correct application and price.

*For Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, Buick, Studebaker, Chrysler*
T10A 1957-65 Close or Wide Ratio - Large 307 Input Bearing
T10B 1963 Close or Wide Ratio - Small 207 Input Bearing
ST10 1974-83 Super T10 all ratio's - Fine (26) Spline Input and Large (32) Spline Output (into yoke)

*For Ford, Mercury, Comet, Falcon, Mustang*
T10F 1960-65 Close or Wide Ratio - Large Input Bearing

Rebuild Kits include the following items: Gasket Set; Shift Shaft Seals; Rear Tail Housing Seal and Bushing; Syncronizer Keys and Springs; Syncro Rings; Shielded Input Bearing; Main Support Bearing; Countershaft; Small Parts Kit with Assorted Snap Rings, Thrust Washers, Needle Bearings and Taper Pin.

1957-65 BORG WARNER T10 GEARS AND SHAFTS FOR GM CARS and Corvettes ONLY. New Aftermarket Gears and Shafts to replace your worn or broken parts.  We have rebuild kits for Ford T10 4 speeds but very few gears and shafts.

Heavily Stocked Inventory at this time to cover anticipated large orders for the coming season:
T10A-16  1959-65  25 Tooth 10 Spline Wide Ratio Input Gear
T10-16 1957-65   27 Tooth 10 Spline Close Ratio Input Gear

T10C-8  1961-65  Close Ratio Cluster Gear 

T10D-8  1961-65 Wide Ratio Cluster Gear

T10H-31 1960-65   30 Tooth 2nd Gear
T10-31 1957-63   32 Tooth 2nd Gear

T10E-11 1960-65   29 Tooth 3rd Gear Non-Bushed
T10-11-4 1957-60   29 Tooth 3rd Gear Bushed
T10-11BB 1957-60   3rd Gear Bushing Only

T10-2 1957-60   16 Spline Mainshaft (Bushed 3rd)
T10A-2 1957-65   16 Spline Mainshaft (Non-Bushed 3rd)
T10D-2 1957-65   27 Spline Mainshaft (Non-Bushed 3rd)

AT10-34C 1959-65 27 Spline Reverse Idler Gear
T10-46A 1957-65 39 Tooth Reverse Gear
T10-10    !958-74 Front Reverse Idler