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FAQ Answer Page
4 Gear Trans Co


Our most frequent asked question is when to use Close or Wide ratio gearsets:  The Close Ratio Muncie & T10 4 speed 2.20 First Gear is best installed in light weight vehicles, cruising highways with hills and curves, bigger engines.  The Wide Ratio 2.52, 2.54 1st Gears are good for higher rear axle ratio's 3.08 to 3.70; heavier vehicles, under powered, stop light to stop light or towing. 

We recommend a replacement 27 Spline Mainshaft for early T10 4 speeds with twisted 16 spline Main Shafts.  The 27 spline shaft accepts the standard yoke rather than the (hard to find expensive) original 16 spline yokes.  Part number T10D-2 Cost $195.00.